Lets find a home together

Ok, so you are needing to buy a home. Well Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas are a great place to be looking. The variety of different homes and styles are amazing! For me, its exciting helping people find the perfect home! Its challenging but I enjoy the smiles on peoples faces when they see a home they love, and best of all they get the keys to it at closing. Its almost as much fun as when I am buying a home!  Baton Rouge is a sellers market meaning there are a lot more buyers than there are available homes generally speaking. Of course that means several things for those that are looking for a home. For one, it means that the opportunity to overpay for a home is greater unless you have a good Realtor working for you with strong negotiating skills. It also means that you are competing with other buyers for the same homes. Homes that are priced well, do not sit on the market very long. Often times that means that pondering a decision too long will leave still searching. It is important that you have your agent prepare a strong offer once you find the perfect home with a pre-qualification letter from a good mortgage lender. If we work together, we will find the the perfect home. I am commited to that.

Getting Pre-Qualified is Important

As serious buyer you have to do all you can that once you find the perfect home. You have to be ready to act, and present a strong, and competitive offer. Often times, that offer will have to be backed by a pre-qualification letter from a good mortgage lender. A pre-qualification letter tells a seller than you have taken steps towards a purchase and you are serious. An offer with a pre-qualification letter will always look stronger than an offer without one. Most importantly, because it is a sellers market, many sellers are requiring that offers include a pre-qualification letter before they will even consider them. It is simple, quick, and if you are serious about buying a home, necessary. Many Real Estate agents will not show homes to buyers without a pre-qualification letter. That is not something I require, but certainly something I encourage. You can get pre-qualified with my highly pre-preferred lender by clicking the link below. One of the most common issues with delays or closing problems are issues that arise from the mortgage lending process. I highly recommend Area Home Lending because my office works very closely with them. They are thorough, quick, and great to work with. At the very least, click the link below, and talk to Meghan Scully. A quick conversation will convince you that you have the right lender.