For Sale By Owner Services

Ok, so you have decided you want to sell your home on your own. As I will clearly state, I highly recommend against doing so because of the dangers, and likeliness of an unsatisfactory experience. However, I can offer some help for those that are committed to doing so. I will not say it is always a mistake to do so, but often those that do have a lot of experience doing so and are not likely on the internet looking for tips. They have been in many real estate transactions and are very familiar with the process. For everyone else that is considering doing so to save money, keep in mind the dangers are wasting your time, wasting your money, and in extreme cases, ending up in legal trouble. That being said, I can offer some assistance in certain areas. Those areas are detailed below.

In Person Assessment

One of the dangers with a FSBO sale is that you do not know what your home is worth. Everyone thinks they know because "Bobs" house down the road sold for "$$$$" and my house is just like his but nicer, or I looked at other houses for sale in the neighborhood and I am planning to ask for less. Or maybe you looked up some information on the internet. The biggest problem with any of that is that only a real estate professional has access to real data of actual sold homes and can do a very accurate assessment of value. What I offer to do is come to your home, and review it, provide suggestions for getting it ready for sale, and tell you what the home would be worth in the real estate market. I offer that free of charge with no strings attached.

What's in it for me you might ask? One of three things is going to happen. One - you are going to sell the home for what you wanted and you will be happy. Two - You will sell the home for less than you wanted and it might leave a bad taste in your mouth. Next time you might call a Realtor to get it sold for you. Maybe you call me.  Three - After languishing in the market for a few months, with few to no showings, you give me a call, I get it listed for you, and we sell it! I have no hidden motives. I just know what is likely. Number 2, and 3 are very likely based on my experience. Otherwise I would not volunteer my time for free. Remember this, I only get paid if you sell your home. If you sell your home but you are unhappy with how it went, that is not good for me. I am successful because of repeat business. Because you will want me to help you again one day, or you recommend me to someone else because you were so pleased. Makes sense right?


Assessment Based on Information

If you don't have the time or for whatever reason do not want an in person evaluation, I will be happy to look at some numbers based on information you give me about your property. I will tell you what a home should be worth based on the things you tell me about your home. Keep in mind this may not be as reliable as an in person assessment. It is however, more reliable than basing a price on comps you looked up on Zillow, Trulia, or some other side. I am working with the true MLS data that tells me in depth information on why a home sold for a particular amount. Things that those sites do not have access to. Either way, I am happy to help. Again, this is free of charge and will not cost you anything.




Why free?

A fair question you may ask is why would I do this free of charge? What is the hidden motivation or hidden charges? There are none. These services I provide are free. The motivation I will be completely honest about. The motivation is that upon allowing me to present the information accurately and honestly, you may wish to enlist my services now, or further on down the road, maybe on another home sale or purchase. In my view, even if the information I give you, helps you get your home sold on your own, you might be impressed with my professionalism and honesty and may consider me for a future home sale or purchase. Remember agent fees are typically paid by a seller in a real estate transaction so on a purchase my services would not cost you anything. So there you have it. No hidden motives. I am a straight shooter.