First choose a REALTOR® to help

Selling your home is a big step. No matter the reason you need to sell your home, this is a big step. A home is probably the most expensive thing we will buy in our lifetime, so by that token, it will likely also be the most expensive thing we sell too. Do you go the "For Sale By Owner" route to save some money, or do you enlist the help of a professional? Doing it on your own and saving yourself certainly sounds appealing doesn't it? Really, whats the worst that can happen? Well actually lots of bad things can happen. By bad I mean, expensive. And selling your home too cheap, isn't even the worst of it either. I am talking legal things that will really ruin your day. As a Realtor I have the training and experience to keep you from making costly mistakes, and look out for my number one priority, and that's you! I also have the backing of my broker, Adam Campo Real Estate, the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, the National Association of REALTORS®, and I am insured. Maybe you have sold a home on your own before with no costly repercussions. Remember, because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it wont. Before someone fell down a flight of stairs, there was a time when no one had ever fallen down stairs before. Ok, perhaps I am being a little dramatic, but it serves to illustrate a point. Do yourself a favor, and use a REALTOR®. 

More important things to consider

So what else does a REALTOR® do for you? Well another thing we bring to the table is our access to the local Multiple Listing Service, or MLS as its known. This is the actual source of almost every home you will find listed for sale on the internet. Sites like, Zillow, Trulia and others are great starting points for buyers, but when people get serious about finding a home, they search MLS or are working with an agent that uses the MLS. It has the most up to date information you will find, and is less likely to have errors in it. Buyer agents use MLS in working with clients, so you want your home listed there. Working with a licensed agent is the only way your home is going to be listed on MLS. New homes to the market will hit MLS  before they find their way on to any other site. We can make recommendations on whether or not certain repairs should be made prior to listing, or perhaps some upgrades that might be worthy of considering. In my experience people often think they need to do a lot of costly things to get their home ready to sell. The reality is very rarely do expensive things need to be done, but an experienced agent can evaluate that for you. We are also valued for our "opinions". Opinions you say? Why do I need another opinion, everybody has one. Well the opinion of a REALTOR® is probably the opinion you should value the most when it comes to evaluating your home.Your home will also be listed throughout a vast network of websites and publications that will get your property out there. Maybe not always, but usually more exposure means a higher sales price.

So you are just about ready to make a decision to sell your home, but the most burning question remains to be answered - What is my home likely to sell for? Lets find that out. Fill out my form at the link below to give me some information to work with and I will give you a professional evaluation as to what it is worth. Answer the questions as honestly as possible and include any important factors that may play a role in what someone thinks of your home. Keep in mind I will still need to look at it to confirm the price I recommend if we decide to work together to get your home sold.